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A True Revolution

Every now and then a ‘vital’ new kitchen appliance comes along which changes the face of cooking. Trend-setters buy it, their friends see it, and immediately want one, kitchen designers and chefs recommend it, newspapers and magazines review it and eventually it becomes a ‘must have’ in every kitchen…

The Quooker boiling-water tap is one of those ‘must haves’. This simple, ultra-safe idea immediately renders kettles out of date and takes kitchens a giant leap forward. Although it’s relatively new to the UK, over 250,000 kitchens in Europe already depend on their Quookers for instant boiling water. The applications are endless and Quooker users still come up with new ones. The most obvious one is making a cup of tea and the latest addition to the list is poaching fish. Of course you can also fill up a pasta pan, blanch vegetables, heat up plates and serving platters, make coffee, prepare baby formula, peel tomatoes, remove candle wax and much more. All done in a moment and with boiling water of 100‘C! After all, only truly boiling water is good enough for the perfect cup of English tea.

The Quooker COMBI is a revolutionary combination of a boiling water tap and boiler all in one. A tank in your kitchen cupboard, connected to the cold water pipe only, that dispenses boiling water through the boiling water tap as well as hot water (50-65’C) through the mixer tap. The COMBI serves two purposes: a single appliance that heats the water for both taps on your worktop. It’s the first ‘boiler’ in the world with high-vacuum insulation. This makes it by far the most energy-efficient hot water system in your kitchen. Recent research has shown that the COMBI will be granted at least class A for energy efficiency in compliance with the upcoming compulsory European Union energy label for domestic hot water systems.

The standard Quooker offers you the ultimate comfort of instant boiling water, but if you are also in search of an energy-efficient, compact boiler, go for the Quooker COMBI, as it kills two birds with one stone. With minimum loss of space and maximum comfort. The Quooker: service at your fingertips.

Fact 01: Water saving.
When you boil an electric kettle, you usually heat up more water than you need. And when you want hot water from your kitchen tap, you turn it on and run it until you get to the right temperature… wasting water all the time you are waiting. With the Quooker, you use just the amount of water you need. The Quooker COMBI sits right below the tap, in your kitchen cupboard, eliminating long rungs of piping from the boiler. That means hot water without delay - which also means less waste.

Fact 02: Space saving.
Kitchen tops are meant to be work surfaces, but these days they are getting more and more clutted with appliances – from electrical kettles to juicers, expresso machines, blenders etc. By rendering you kettle (and possibly even a couple of other appliances) redundant, a Quooker tap helps liberate your worktop! With the Quooker Fusion, you even only have one tap on your worktop for hot, cold and boiling water. Also, Quooker;s compact vacuum insulated tank fits neatly under your sink, still leaving cupboard space for other necessities. The Quooker COMBI take is 60% smaller than a kitchen boiler!

Fact 03: Safe.
In Great Britain, stronghold of the electric kettle, this everyday kitchen appliance cause thousands of accidents every year, many involving young children (Source:RoSPA) The Quooker, on the other hand, comes with a tap which is securely mounted to the worktop, has a child-proof push-and-turn handle and is double-walled. The Nordic tapes even have a light ring that lights up when the handle is touched. And the Fusion tap must be pushed in twice to open it. As another safety feature, the water comes out of the tap in a fine spray rather than a solid jet.

Fact 04: Time saving.
We all lead busy lives and research shows that in the past 15 years, the time available to spend preparing a meal has decreased from 60 to 30 minutes. Without the Quooker, it takes 10 minutes just to heat up a pan of water for your pasta. With the Quooker, you can start boiling your pasta immediately – and at the same time blanch some vegetables, boil some eggs and prepare a bottle of formula for the little one.

Fact 05: Energy efficient.
With an electric kettle, you often heat up far more water that necessary. Often too, the kettle boils, is forgotten and then has to be boiled again. Wasting yet more time and energy. With the Quooker, on the other hand, you heat up exactly the amount of water you need and due to its patented high vacuum insulation, the stand-by energy consumption is only 3 pence per day. The Quooker COMBI sits right below the tap, in your kitchen cupboard, eliminating long runs of piping from the boiler and saving energy every day.

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